Wobbe Index / Btu
WIM 9610


Precisive 5 - All Optical Hydrocarbon Analyser


Using a unique wavelength-sweeping tunable filter spectrometer, fast update rates down to sub-second intervals are performed for the full C1 through C5 analysis and C6+ to calculate Heating Value / Wobbe Index.

The analyzer does not require carrier gas, fuel gases, or on-site calibration gases.




WIM 9610 - Wobbe Index, BTU Calorimeter


The New COSA 9610™ is the latest instrument from COSA Xentaur for measuring Wobbe Index, BTU/Heating Value and CARI (Combustion Air Requirement Index).



PRO Portable Calorific Value Measurement


one of the first commercially available portable Optical Gas Calorimeters. After extensive development work, this instrument proudest the fastest spot check response in the industry; T90=15 seconds for Natural Gas and LPG


Wobbe Index / Btu / Caloric Value Analysis

Combustible Gas Analyser


What Is The Wobbe Index?

The Wobbe Index is actually the correct representation of the heating value of natural gas arriving, from the gas line, at the orifice where a burner is located.

It is not simply the BTU per cubic foot but rather the BTU per cubic foot divided by the square root of the specific gravity.



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BTU Gas Chromatograph


The HGC 303 is the world’s smallest gas chromatograph for C6+ analysis of Natural Gas. It digitally publishes 20 derived parameters, such as Calorific Value, Wobbe Index, Specific Gravity, Compressibility, Ratio of Heats, etc.




IMAC introduce the most relaiable laser analyzer using QCL at PEFTEC in Antwerpen



IMAC presents real dew point analyser of ZEGAZ Instruments in Rotterdam


Impurities in Hydrogen

IMAC has delivered laser analyser to detect impurities in H2 process plant


11 and 12 March 2015

IMAC will exhibit online analysers at the M&R in Antwerpen


18. July 2014

Per July IMAC is the sales office for HEMERA Instruments. HEMERA is well-known for UV – Spectroscopy in gas and liquids application



17. June 2014

IMAC is awarded to be distributor for Zegaz Instruments.

ZEGAZ Instruments, Inc. develops and commercializes next generation diagnostic tools for the energy production and transport industry, with an emphasis on the Natural Gas Industry.


5. June 2013

IMAC will present the new Precisive 5 during the NEL's Oil & Gas Focus Group Meeting

in Aberdeen


25. April 2013

IMAC will present the new Precisive 5 during the BIRA / WAT meeting in Antwerpen


28. March 2013

IMAC has attend the

M&R Antwerpen 2013


25.Feb 2013

IMAC represents


Innovative meassurement Solutions

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